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White House
United States Senate
United States House of Representatives
State Capitols
California State Senate (Upper House)
California State Assembly (Lower House)
County Listings
Add your local links here – to add a link, have the address available and then create a Name. Then highlight the Name and click on the “link icon” – first row of icons above eleventh from the left, looks like a paper clip. This action will open a box. Enter the address in the form Http://address and then click on the “open in a separate window” box and then “Save” the box. The name you gave it should have turned blue – this indicates that you did the procedure correctly. Now “Update” the page.
Check that the link works by going to your website front page, click on the “Links” heading and then on the “Government” heading. Locate the name you gave the link and click on it. This action should open the website you gave the address of in a separate window in your browser.