Overturn Citizens United – Proposition 49 will be on California’s ballot!

Overturn Citizens United!  2016 is already off to a monumental start!

This morning, the California Supreme Court affirmed the right of California voters to be heard. The court just ruled that voters are allowed to vote on Proposition 49, the Overturn Citizens United Act!

Prop. 49 gives Californians the opportunity to instruct Congress to take action to stop the unlimited flood of spending in electoral campaigns by supporting a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United.

In 2014’s November Election, California voters would have had this same opportunity. However, the state court ordered the proposition to be temporarily removed from the ballot because of a question about whether voter instructions are allowed.

But today, the California Supreme Court stood with We the People!

The court upheld our state’s long tradition ‎of giving people the power to instruct our congressional members‎ to pass important constitutional amendments – Prop. 49 would create the power to rein in the influence of money in politics.

As part of a coalition of organizations led by our partner citizen group, Money Out Voters In, California Common Cause advocated to make sure We the People have our voices heard.

Together, we can raise our voices for democracy in 2016!

Thanks for all that you do,

Kathay Feng, Executive Director
California Common Cause

453 S. Spring Street, Suite 401
Los Angeles, CA 90013

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